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Fill out this form to be added as a driver on an existing account.
Just fill out the application, then complete an easy orientation, and reserve, unlock, drive, you're off.

We have a $40 + tax application fee, to cover the cost of checking your driving record and processing your application. Any additional membership fees will be on your monthly invoice. If you have a promotional discount, it will appear as a credit on your account.

Ithaca Carshare eligibility requirements.

* indicates a required field. The application will not be processed without this information.

New Applicant - Member Application Form

Monday, May 30, 2016
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Personal Contact Information
 *If you don't have an email address, you can still apply. Please call our office at 607.277.3210 x3 for more information.
We will use this if we need to contact you during a reservation.
Emergency Contact Information
Driver Record Information

We will review your driving record to ensure that it meets our eligibility requirements. Please review our eligibility requirements as we cannot refund the application fee once we start processing your application.

If you don't have a license from a U.S. state, you will need to acquire a record of your driving history from your license issuer. You can use this list to help find information on how to obtain your record.
 *How many moving violations, like a speeding ticket, have you had in the past 3 years?
 *How many crashes have you had in the past 3 years?
YesNo * Have you had any alcohol related violations in the past 7 years?
Current License
Choose Date  
Choose Date   *
Check this box if within the past 3 years you had a driver's license issued by a state different than the state issuing your current license
Promotions and Referrals
Institutional Affiliation - E.g., Cornell NetID, Ithaca College email address, etc.
Survey Questions
How did you first hear about Ithaca Carshare?
Are you interested in being contacted for volunteer tasks (car washes, snow removal, tabling, etc.)? *
YesNo *
How many miles did you drive in the last 12 months?
Are you planning to get rid of (or not buy) a car because of Ithaca Carshare?
How many people live in your household?
What is your annual household income?
How do you identify racially? Enter all that apply. White, Asian, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Latino/a (or of Hispanic origin), Other.
TCAT Pass (optional)

You can purchase and refill T-Cards good for traveling on the TCAT bus system on your Ithaca Carshare account. Indicate below if you would like to purchase a pass, and what type.
I want to buy a refillable TCAT pass good for: *
Applying to Ithaca Carshare is the first step to membership and driving. Until Ithaca Carshare approves my application and I complete their orientation, I am not eligible to drive an Ithaca Carshare vehicle, regardless of whether someone in my household has an account. By submitting my application to Ithaca Carshare, I
  1. Certify that everything stated in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Certify that I am at least 21 years of age OR that I am 18-20 years of age and agree to provide insurance coverage for the duration of my membership while I am under 21 years of age. I understand that if I have misrepresented my age, I will be automatically disqualified from use of Ithaca Carshare's insurance, and Ithaca Carshare will terminate my membership when they discover this.
  3. Authorize Ithaca Carshare, its agents, and insurers to review my credit history, driving record, criminal record, and other background information Ithaca Carshare finds relevant to its approval of Member's participation in the Ithaca Carshare program, and that certain moving violations or incidents may cause automatic rejection of my application or automatic cancellation of my membership. I also understand that Ithaca Carshare will use this application and all of the above consumer reports to process my application and that this information will be retained by Ithaca Carshare and its agents and insurers, whether or not my application is approved.
  4. Agree to be bound by this application and understand that failure to disclose any violations or accidents will cause automatic rejection of my application.
  5. Authorize a nonrefundable $40 + tax Application Fee to be charged to the account listed at the top of this form.
  6. Agree to be bound by the policies outlined in the Ithaca Carshare Member Handbook, and to drive responsibly. I understand that this document may be changed at any time without notice to me, and that if I do not drive responsibly I may be responsible for fines, fees, penalties, and additional guidelines for my Ithaca Carshare membership.
  7. Understand that Ithaca Carshare staff is available to help. I agree to call them if I encounter problems while using an Ithaca Carshare vehicle, including but not limited to, running late on a reservation, vehicle breakdown or difficulty returning an Ithaca Carshare vehicle to its assigned parking spot.
  8. Understand that I take responsibility for any additional drivers on the account, including liability for charges, fees, and other responsibilities incurred by the other drivers, and that all refunds on the account will be made payable to the main member only.

I understand and accept

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